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Behavioral Psychology

Today was another hard day. You woke up, went through your routine and tried to keep things as normal as you can, but your child had another meltdown. You are dedicated to your child but sometimes you don’t know how to respond when they act out. You feel alone, like no one understands you or what your child is going through. Your child has developmental delays and tantrums often when they are upset. While it can be embarrassing in public because you don’t know how to respond, sometimes it seems like nothing will calm them down. Just when things seem calm, they blow up again. You feel as though your child’s behavior is creating barriers in your life and increasing family stress.

You Need Support Too

Your child already has so many therapies that they have to be a part of, but what about you? You are the one who is longing for direction, wishing you had support in how to respond to and help your child. You don’t want to yell anymore, and you don’t want to be walking on eggshells either.

Psychologist in Draper, Utah

My name is Dr. Schroeder and as a behavioral psychologist in Draper, Utah I help parents of kids with developmental delays. I empower parents with the knowledge of how to respond to difficult behaviors and keep their kids safe. Together we will assess what is going on, give you strategies to inspire growth in your child, and make difficult behaviors more manageable. I want you to feel confident in your parenting and to help you understand your child and their unique needs.

Parent participation in therapy is key to having the outcomes you desire.

By using behavior management strategies and working together to support your child we can strengthen your family and make the most change. Together we will set realistic goals and track behavior change over time. By practicing recommendations in session and at home, you can effectively see behavior change. Problem behaviors treated include but are not limited to: tantrums, noncompliance, toileting skills deficits, phobias, mild aggression, sleep difficulties, mild self-injury, destructive behaviors, and elopement.

Family Therapy Draper, UT

I provide relatively short-term family therapy in Draper, Utah where sessions are scheduled once weekly in the beginning and then lesser over time as behaviors improve. With therapy, you can help your child cope with difficult situations while no longer limiting your family’s life experiences.

If you are ready to learn parenting strategies that fit your child’s specific needs and decrease difficult behaviors, contact me for a free 15-minute phone consultation for Draper psychological services at 801-613-9184 or click here to discover how therapy can make a difference in not only your child but your family as a whole.

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